Filthy Lucre

The Next Day

The Ukar hear much about the aftermath of their attack on the apartment complex. When the captain fails to return when expected and they can’t contact him, they begin to travel to the Count’s lands. After some trouble and a long journey, they meet up with the house butler and joins the search for those lost in the woods. The Ukar fly in and decide to try and find them by foot. They travel until dark and make camp.

The crash survivors hide from the approaching Vuldrok. The new cohort started to sneak up on the Vuldrok for a surprise attack. After he gets closer, he changes his mind and goes back to hiding. The Vuldrok rummage through and take many of the medical supplies the group was carrying. After taking what they wanted, they head off in the direction of the crash, opposite of where the group was heading.

The group travels for several hours and make camp when darkness falls. The night was thankfully uneventful and they proceeded on their journey at dawn. They take stock of their supplies and find they had very little water or food. Novitiate Remington decides to climb a tree to find some water. He sees a clearing in the distance and the group heads in that direction.

When they arrive, the group stays behind and Captain Cain heads in to the village. By all appearances the village looks overgrown and abandoned. After looking through some of the buildings, Cain finds some possible supplies and a large metal sphere, the size of a small melon. One side of the ball had been caved in however.

The group decides it looks safe and head into the village to restock their much needed water supply from the well. As they scavenge, another of the balls appears in the village, floating in mid air! Captain Cain quickly dispatches it with a single laser blast to the center of it’s eye.

Thinking the danger passed, the group resumes their scrounging. They begin to hear a high pitched whine in the forest and as it grew in volume, they heard the trees rustle. From the trees emerged what can only be called flying metal torsos. The group tried to attack them but the defenses of the golems were far to great. The group was quickly dispatched with some kind of stun weapon.

The Ukar, after spending a day in the forest themselves, were also found by these same golems and were like wise captured.

Some time later, all of the group began to wake up one by one in small white rooms. It was bare save a few buttons. They found out that the buttons revealed such things as a magic lantern and toilet. They each spent some time poking at the buttons and discovered what they did. They were each one by one compelled to leave the rooms and enter a central room for “Orientation”.

Remington tried running from the room and was instead captured by another golem with a net launcher. He was sedated and left in a corner of the orientation room. Captain Cain went along at first, but when he met the woman in the orientation room attempted to attack her with a plastic spork. The golem that stopped Remington shot Cain with a stunner and subdued him as well. Each of the others came one at a time and took a seat, save one. One of the Ukar burst into a violent fit while in her room and was knocked out and restrained. She was later “escorted” in to the orientation room.

Once assembled, they were told about how pleasant their new lives would be living in “The Underground”. After watching a 10 minute video, they asked many questions. During their questioning, they discovered that “Marcy”, the orientation woman, was actually a highly advanced golem. She told them about how the computer controlled their lives and made it better for them all. That all were equal and that such things like racism were non-existent here. Now begins orientation.

Onward Celestial Warriors

Onward, Celestial soldiers!
Marching as to war,
Jump crosses before us
Going on before.
Pancreator Master,
Leads against the foe;
Forward into battle,
See his banners go!
Onward, Orthodox Bishops!
Marching as to war,
Jump crosses before us
Going on before.

At the sign of triumph
Draconians doth flee;
On, then, Avestite soldiers,
On to victory.
Dark’s foundations quiver
At the shout of praise;
Brother battle with their voices,
Loud their anthems raise.
Onward, Celestial soldiers!
Marching as to war,
Jump crosses before us
Going on before.

Like a mighty army
Moves the Eternal Flame;
Brothers, we are treading
Where the Saints have trod.
We are not divided;
All one body we:
One in hope and doctrine,
One in charity.
Onward, Amalthean soldiers!
Marching as to war,
Jump crosses before us
Going on before.

Onward, then, ye people;
Join our happy throng.
Blend with ours your voices
In the triumph song:
Glory, laud, and honor
Pancreator King.
This through countless ages
Men and angels sing.
Onward, Celestial soldiers!
Marching as to war,
Jump crosses before us
Going on before.

Criticorum and beyond
Questing CoHorts

Chief Johnson got a call from an Obun to meet. Later that night the young lad lit a fire next to the Vorox. The captain found Kyle in the Amaltheans room. The captain left the Avestite with the child and he got him to confess. The child apologizes the captain got the vorox and the young man to clean up their perspective messes.

Later that day the captain got a new sword before we left. The Avestite enlisted the Hawkwoods aid in training in melee combat. The Muster Arabi-Cael finally got a hold of the mysterious man. He had a proposition for her.

The Reeve had his meeting at the food court. The Obun offered him a job as a reeve on retainer for F.A.R.. When he arranged everything he went back to the ship to gather his items. The young lad Kyle had put some brown goo in his bedroll. The Vorox found him with the Amalthean He poisoned the Amathlean and Kyle ran off.

The Captain called the authorities saying there was a mad Vorox on the ship. Physickers were called. And the Vorox was put in handcuffs. The Amalthean forgave him so he was not arrested. With this the Vorox left. As a parting gift he seemed to have the Reeves install recording gear.

The Questing Knight tried to find bounties. Scar was reportedly on Kordeth (300fb.) A noble passenger booked ship to Criticorum. During the trip there was some sparring where the Commander got to try out his new blade.

While on Criticorum the Noble and the Avestite went shopping. They ran across three thugs shaking down a Muster. The noble joined the attack and helped to dispatch two and capture the others. After a brief trip to the constabulary, they discovered the Muster was a cohort. He was currently without a knight. The Muster attached himself to the retinue.

They went on a medical spending expedition. They also purchased space suits as extra for the ship. The knight invited the muster to come by and speak with the captain.

Meanwhile the muster had been contacted and some item was retrieved from the alcohol. The captain was confused to see two empty cases.

The captain had tracked down a charioteer he was chasing. He learned that Pete had a big score and had not been seen in a while. When he returned he noticed the empty barrels and reviewed the tapes. Using SCIENCE he discovered the barrels were used to smuggle drugs.

He discussed this with the Muster Ukar and slapped their wrist. They apparently lost out on the deal.
When they arrived, the Captain struck a deal with the Questing Knight. Baron Hawkwood commandeered the ship.

The new muster went to confession and confessed to his stabbing the man in the back. As Pennace the Priest assigned him to protect the Questing Knight for the next year.

The captain gathered a shipment of parts for the next jump. The priest started giving daily masses and the Sergeant wanted to clean everything

Father Sampson's Journal (9-13-12)

I’ve decided to stay on with this crew. Given the Charioteer’s stand-offishness I have elected to offer my services to the Baron. He is without a confessor and by joining his entourage I would gain access to more locations to investigate.

I would normally balk at such an arrangement. If Father Alexander could see me bowing to a “superior” he would have flipped his cassock! However I find this Baron to have good morals. He has backed up many of my suggestions and seems a man of strong moral standards.

His only fault I can find thus far is a love for the “sweetness” offered by the fairer sex. This of course came up in public conversation so it is not covered under the seal of confession. This is all talk, mind you, and I have yet to see him act on any carnal desires.

Regardless, he has shown much restraint and I would assume he has a handle the temptation.

The Amalthean Novitiate seems too eager to wade into battle for my taste. He is young and adventurous I suppose. I will have to watch him more closely.

On Byzantium 2
Vorox pouting 101

After fighting off the zombies from last episode the heroes try to figure out what to do with the remaining infected. Of those left they offered last rites and final confessions, which all of the peasants accepted. They made ready their souls for the afterlife. Baron Hawkwood, Chief Johnson, and the LT Arabi and Auvre go off to look for more zombies on the other floor.

Sister brother battle, Father Sampson, Novitiate Remington and the Commander stay behind to guard the survivors.

Baron Hawkwood and his group found more zombies in the second floor cargo area. They fought bravely from the chokepoint while Baron Hawkwood distracted a mob of them, leading them off. The muster earned their pay by picking off the several zombies including shooting the big fuzzy Vorox. Apparently there were husk mites in his fur.

Meanwhile downstairs the infected rose to their feet. The Commander shot.. a lot. The Amalthean wrestled a zombie and the Priest ineffectually shot them with a crossbow. After a fairly quick (in game terms) fight, the last of the zombies went down and the ship was free of the husks.
Last rites for the bodies were performed for those that had not received them. Due to concerns of the air systems, they were spaced as opposed to burning. The ship limped back toward the gate. Soon after leaving the planet’s area the ships power came back online. Notedly faster than it had been drained.

Arriving at Biz2 the crew and passengers made their way to do their own thing.

The commander hired some purgers to clean the ship and tried, in vain, to sell some diamonds he had “obtained.” He also looked for a chainsword and could not find one. The merchant suggested Decados Space.

Baron Hawkwood went to report into the Questing Knights at their Animal House Frat er.. chapter house. A butler took his report. He elected not to stay there and went back to the ship.

The Vorox Reeve fled the ship as soon as they started cleaning. The smell was getting to him. he hitched a ride with Baron Hawkwood and went to the monolith that is the Reeves tower in Byz 2. He spent his time working night cases and looking for Bounties for the Questing Knight.

Auvre went with her sister to a carnival of sorts. There she joined in some wrestling matches where she succeeded in winning a sizable purse against a human brute. Turns out this was a fixed fight. All while Arabi watched.

Father Sampson went to the archbishop of the planet to report the incident of the demon planet and the peasants. They thanked him for his vigilance. The Father and Inquisition discussed the obvious plot to lure pilgrims to their death. They said they would launch an investigation on Leagueheim to try to find the culprits. Father Sampson suggested a group of Avestites posing as pilgrims might be able to draw out the villains.

The Amalthean spent his shore leave teaching his charge the way’s of being a priest and learning his letters.

One of the Muster got a mysterious calling card after her foray to the carnival. The Baron and the Reeve called the number and were unceremoniously hung up on. The call was not answered afterward.

The Priest, wanting to stay on board to keep an eye on the Ur-kar, joined the Baron’s entourage. This sparked a conversation with the commander of the ship. Father Sampson offered his services to the ships crew as well. Chief Johnson took confession immediately.

The Amalthean healed the Vorox and the Ur Ukar slipped further into the darkness… no one else noticed.. yet.

Father Sampson's Journal (9-6-12)
A new ship

I have joined a pilgrim group going to Nowhere. I met them on Leagueheim. They were lead by a headman by the name of Javier. A nice enough fellow. They traveled with a Brother Battle who seemed not at all happy with her assignment.

We booked passage on a ship heading toward Byzantium Secundus. The captain seemed a pragmatic fellow. He was very up front about where the pilgrims could go and such. He had a Vorox Reeve on board who looked over the passage agreement. There was a questing knight on board who welcomed us graciously enough as well as an Amalthean who seemed pretty quiet. I did not enlighten them on my sect. To them I was yet another preacher on this pilgrimage.

On the night of our first voyage, I was in the observation room doing my daily meditations. I heard our Brother Battle call out. Apparently the Captain has two Ur-kar Muster on board. The Brother Battle was not too happy about this and demanded to speak with the Captain.

The conversation was short and the Captain ended up shutting the door on the Brother after a quick explanation. He did not want to alarm the passengers to their being aliens on board.

The next day some of the pilgrims started showing signs of an illness. The Amalthean suggested we quarantine them. We ended up putting them into the observation room. I performed the liturgy of knowing the false heart and questioned the pilgrims. Their intentions were pure. No one had sabotaged them. However I did detect something wicked. Though not enough to gather a true sense of what was wrong.

While trying to figure out the source of the illness there was an urgent call from the observation room. Screams of the dying and dead could be heard. The captain, not wanting to rick crew, sent two members on the hull to investigate. They checked the observation room from the outside and it appeared that they were all dead. Yet they still moved. They were husks.

It’s about this time when the captain noted a decrease in the ships power. At first it seemed like nothing but the drain became more intense.

More people became infected and we tried to quarantine them. At this point we bade all the pilgrims who were sick to lie down and not get up. I did what I could for their souls, took confessions and administered rites.

We continued to question them and discovered that they had purchased some rice cheap. The captain confirmed that the price they received was too good to be true. We found the rice but I could detect nothing bad about it. The Vorox however said it smelled off. We spaced it. The malevolent aura I had detected before was gone from the cargo hold. However the engines were still being drained.

It seems a demonic force was draining the ships power. I urged the captain to turn around and head to the Jumpgate. The Jumpgate has gargoyles on them that has been known to ward of demons. I am hoping at least.

Before the captain could make the bridge the containment area burst open and husks poured out. After a pitched fight we gained control and were able to change course. By now the enigine was crippled and the route would be slow.
We were able to save 12 of the pilgrims by cleansing them via tha Amalthean’s cleansing ritual . I lent him the use of Saint Christine’s chalice to use the energy within to clean 3 more.

We shall have an interesting voyage. I think I’ll stay on with this crew. The two Ukar showed signs of a darkness that must be contained. I do not think they even know about it.

Father Sampson


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