Filthy Lucre

On Byzantium 2

Vorox pouting 101

After fighting off the zombies from last episode the heroes try to figure out what to do with the remaining infected. Of those left they offered last rites and final confessions, which all of the peasants accepted. They made ready their souls for the afterlife. Baron Hawkwood, Chief Johnson, and the LT Arabi and Auvre go off to look for more zombies on the other floor.

Sister brother battle, Father Sampson, Novitiate Remington and the Commander stay behind to guard the survivors.

Baron Hawkwood and his group found more zombies in the second floor cargo area. They fought bravely from the chokepoint while Baron Hawkwood distracted a mob of them, leading them off. The muster earned their pay by picking off the several zombies including shooting the big fuzzy Vorox. Apparently there were husk mites in his fur.

Meanwhile downstairs the infected rose to their feet. The Commander shot.. a lot. The Amalthean wrestled a zombie and the Priest ineffectually shot them with a crossbow. After a fairly quick (in game terms) fight, the last of the zombies went down and the ship was free of the husks.
Last rites for the bodies were performed for those that had not received them. Due to concerns of the air systems, they were spaced as opposed to burning. The ship limped back toward the gate. Soon after leaving the planet’s area the ships power came back online. Notedly faster than it had been drained.

Arriving at Biz2 the crew and passengers made their way to do their own thing.

The commander hired some purgers to clean the ship and tried, in vain, to sell some diamonds he had “obtained.” He also looked for a chainsword and could not find one. The merchant suggested Decados Space.

Baron Hawkwood went to report into the Questing Knights at their Animal House Frat er.. chapter house. A butler took his report. He elected not to stay there and went back to the ship.

The Vorox Reeve fled the ship as soon as they started cleaning. The smell was getting to him. he hitched a ride with Baron Hawkwood and went to the monolith that is the Reeves tower in Byz 2. He spent his time working night cases and looking for Bounties for the Questing Knight.

Auvre went with her sister to a carnival of sorts. There she joined in some wrestling matches where she succeeded in winning a sizable purse against a human brute. Turns out this was a fixed fight. All while Arabi watched.

Father Sampson went to the archbishop of the planet to report the incident of the demon planet and the peasants. They thanked him for his vigilance. The Father and Inquisition discussed the obvious plot to lure pilgrims to their death. They said they would launch an investigation on Leagueheim to try to find the culprits. Father Sampson suggested a group of Avestites posing as pilgrims might be able to draw out the villains.

The Amalthean spent his shore leave teaching his charge the way’s of being a priest and learning his letters.

One of the Muster got a mysterious calling card after her foray to the carnival. The Baron and the Reeve called the number and were unceremoniously hung up on. The call was not answered afterward.

The Priest, wanting to stay on board to keep an eye on the Ur-kar, joined the Baron’s entourage. This sparked a conversation with the commander of the ship. Father Sampson offered his services to the ships crew as well. Chief Johnson took confession immediately.

The Amalthean healed the Vorox and the Ur Ukar slipped further into the darkness… no one else noticed.. yet.



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