Filthy Lucre

Father Sampson's Journal (9-6-12)

A new ship

I have joined a pilgrim group going to Nowhere. I met them on Leagueheim. They were lead by a headman by the name of Javier. A nice enough fellow. They traveled with a Brother Battle who seemed not at all happy with her assignment.

We booked passage on a ship heading toward Byzantium Secundus. The captain seemed a pragmatic fellow. He was very up front about where the pilgrims could go and such. He had a Vorox Reeve on board who looked over the passage agreement. There was a questing knight on board who welcomed us graciously enough as well as an Amalthean who seemed pretty quiet. I did not enlighten them on my sect. To them I was yet another preacher on this pilgrimage.

On the night of our first voyage, I was in the observation room doing my daily meditations. I heard our Brother Battle call out. Apparently the Captain has two Ur-kar Muster on board. The Brother Battle was not too happy about this and demanded to speak with the Captain.

The conversation was short and the Captain ended up shutting the door on the Brother after a quick explanation. He did not want to alarm the passengers to their being aliens on board.

The next day some of the pilgrims started showing signs of an illness. The Amalthean suggested we quarantine them. We ended up putting them into the observation room. I performed the liturgy of knowing the false heart and questioned the pilgrims. Their intentions were pure. No one had sabotaged them. However I did detect something wicked. Though not enough to gather a true sense of what was wrong.

While trying to figure out the source of the illness there was an urgent call from the observation room. Screams of the dying and dead could be heard. The captain, not wanting to rick crew, sent two members on the hull to investigate. They checked the observation room from the outside and it appeared that they were all dead. Yet they still moved. They were husks.

It’s about this time when the captain noted a decrease in the ships power. At first it seemed like nothing but the drain became more intense.

More people became infected and we tried to quarantine them. At this point we bade all the pilgrims who were sick to lie down and not get up. I did what I could for their souls, took confessions and administered rites.

We continued to question them and discovered that they had purchased some rice cheap. The captain confirmed that the price they received was too good to be true. We found the rice but I could detect nothing bad about it. The Vorox however said it smelled off. We spaced it. The malevolent aura I had detected before was gone from the cargo hold. However the engines were still being drained.

It seems a demonic force was draining the ships power. I urged the captain to turn around and head to the Jumpgate. The Jumpgate has gargoyles on them that has been known to ward of demons. I am hoping at least.

Before the captain could make the bridge the containment area burst open and husks poured out. After a pitched fight we gained control and were able to change course. By now the enigine was crippled and the route would be slow.
We were able to save 12 of the pilgrims by cleansing them via tha Amalthean’s cleansing ritual . I lent him the use of Saint Christine’s chalice to use the energy within to clean 3 more.

We shall have an interesting voyage. I think I’ll stay on with this crew. The two Ukar showed signs of a darkness that must be contained. I do not think they even know about it.

Father Sampson



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