Filthy Lucre

Father Sampson's Journal (9-13-12)

I’ve decided to stay on with this crew. Given the Charioteer’s stand-offishness I have elected to offer my services to the Baron. He is without a confessor and by joining his entourage I would gain access to more locations to investigate.

I would normally balk at such an arrangement. If Father Alexander could see me bowing to a “superior” he would have flipped his cassock! However I find this Baron to have good morals. He has backed up many of my suggestions and seems a man of strong moral standards.

His only fault I can find thus far is a love for the “sweetness” offered by the fairer sex. This of course came up in public conversation so it is not covered under the seal of confession. This is all talk, mind you, and I have yet to see him act on any carnal desires.

Regardless, he has shown much restraint and I would assume he has a handle the temptation.

The Amalthean Novitiate seems too eager to wade into battle for my taste. He is young and adventurous I suppose. I will have to watch him more closely.



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