Filthy Lucre

Criticorum and beyond

Questing CoHorts

Chief Johnson got a call from an Obun to meet. Later that night the young lad lit a fire next to the Vorox. The captain found Kyle in the Amaltheans room. The captain left the Avestite with the child and he got him to confess. The child apologizes the captain got the vorox and the young man to clean up their perspective messes.

Later that day the captain got a new sword before we left. The Avestite enlisted the Hawkwoods aid in training in melee combat. The Muster Arabi-Cael finally got a hold of the mysterious man. He had a proposition for her.

The Reeve had his meeting at the food court. The Obun offered him a job as a reeve on retainer for F.A.R.. When he arranged everything he went back to the ship to gather his items. The young lad Kyle had put some brown goo in his bedroll. The Vorox found him with the Amalthean He poisoned the Amathlean and Kyle ran off.

The Captain called the authorities saying there was a mad Vorox on the ship. Physickers were called. And the Vorox was put in handcuffs. The Amalthean forgave him so he was not arrested. With this the Vorox left. As a parting gift he seemed to have the Reeves install recording gear.

The Questing Knight tried to find bounties. Scar was reportedly on Kordeth (300fb.) A noble passenger booked ship to Criticorum. During the trip there was some sparring where the Commander got to try out his new blade.

While on Criticorum the Noble and the Avestite went shopping. They ran across three thugs shaking down a Muster. The noble joined the attack and helped to dispatch two and capture the others. After a brief trip to the constabulary, they discovered the Muster was a cohort. He was currently without a knight. The Muster attached himself to the retinue.

They went on a medical spending expedition. They also purchased space suits as extra for the ship. The knight invited the muster to come by and speak with the captain.

Meanwhile the muster had been contacted and some item was retrieved from the alcohol. The captain was confused to see two empty cases.

The captain had tracked down a charioteer he was chasing. He learned that Pete had a big score and had not been seen in a while. When he returned he noticed the empty barrels and reviewed the tapes. Using SCIENCE he discovered the barrels were used to smuggle drugs.

He discussed this with the Muster Ukar and slapped their wrist. They apparently lost out on the deal.
When they arrived, the Captain struck a deal with the Questing Knight. Baron Hawkwood commandeered the ship.

The new muster went to confession and confessed to his stabbing the man in the back. As Pennace the Priest assigned him to protect the Questing Knight for the next year.

The captain gathered a shipment of parts for the next jump. The priest started giving daily masses and the Sergeant wanted to clean everything



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